Healthy Positive Podcasts and Video Channels

Healthy Positive Lifestyle - Positive Podcasts - Phoenix, Arizona

You can find my Audio Positive Podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Online Radio. Also you can use RSS feed. Once you go to one of the channels described below, you will find subscription links. 

Healthy Positive Lifestyle Podcast by HPLN1. Holistic Positive Lifestyle Podcast was my original podcast this all started with. In this podcast I am talking about my own experience for the past three decades. Periodically I am bringing guest speakers to discuss various topics.


Morning Mindfulness Podcast by HPLN2. Morning Mindfulness – Daily podcast about Mindfulness. Short 2-minute episodes are released 5 times a week Monday-Friday, around 3-3:30 AM to let people start their day with a positive message.


MindfulScope - Mindfulness & Meditation Live Broadcast on Periscope3. MindfulScope is a Periscope based live broadcast about Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Tao Yin and Zen music.